Profertil Introduces

Automotive Grade Urea Solution
(Arnox 32)

Urea-based product that reduces harmful emissions from diesel combustion engines in heavy duty and passenger vehicles.

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Get to know the product! Production and reach

Get to know the product!

The use of Arnox 32 has been mandatory for all heavy duty diesel and passenger transport vehicles since January 2016.

Profertil Automotive Grade Urea Solution complies with the specifications established by the Energy Secretariat Resolution 110/2011 and by the National Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development Resolution 35/2009, which set the limits for harmful emissions.

The quality and characteristics of our product show our commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.

We’ll tell you more in the following infographic:

Automotive Grade Urea Solution

Quality product for diesel engines with Argentine SCR technology

Production and reach

Automotive Grade Urea Solution (Arnox 32) is produced at an industrial scale in our Bahía Blanca plant.

This is why, new equipment was assembled before the beginning of our large-scale production.

The main oil companies of the country will commercialise the product.