Commercial area members are responsible for positioning the nutrients our soils need, through the retail (distribution network) and wholesale channels, undertaking a commitment with the industry and the domestic market to collaborate with the nutrition of crops using our products. They always provide the support to educate and train in the correct and sustainable use of nutrients.

Prosuelos Program

Integral training program to promote the Responsible Management of Nutrients (4R), seeking to raise awareness about all aspects related to the care of the “Soil Resource”.

Prosuelos is based mainly on Soil Analysis as a starting point for the diagnosis of soil fertility and the determination of the necessary amounts of each nutrient to complete the requirements of the crop (correct dosage). Then, based on supplementary information or tools, it will be decided which the most efficient source is, time and way to apply these nutrients, seeking to preserve the economic result and at the same time mitigate the environmental impacts of the practice.

Innovation and Technology Models

They are experimental production units on different crops (wheat, corn, sugar cane, etc.), for demonstrating in the field the benefits of adopting Best Management Practices for fertilizer application (4R). These conferences include the characterization of soils through “Calicatas” and its Soil Analysis, the consolidation of the concept of Balanced Nutrition, the demonstration of the effects of different sources, ways or times of fertilizer application in different treatments for the efficient use of nutrients and the mitigation of their impact on the environment.

Innovation and Technology Models for APPLICATION of solid fertilizers

Based on the Technological Innovation Models (MIT, for its acronym in Spanish) concept and always with the objective of promoting the Best Management Practices for fertilizer application (4R- source-dose-time-way), since 2008 Profertil, in association with recognized companies in the sector, carries out specific events to promote the correct application of solid fertilizers on the surface. In them, the producers will be able to observe machines in action, learn how to regulate them and get information about the models available in the market that will allow them to make more efficient applications both in homogeneous doses and specific sites, seeking to place the nutrients where the crop can best take advantage of them by mitigating the environmental impact and improving its economic equation.


These ad hoc training activities are also derived from the concept of Innovation and Technology Models (MIT) and are organized by our technical team with different target audiences, producers, advisors, distributors. Through different agile and interactive participatory dynamics, our team shares experiences and information on local productive situations that allow promoting the concept of Responsible Fertilizer Management – 4R- applying the Best Practices on crop nutrition.