The challenge of Sustainable Agriculture is to increase food production in an economically feasible way, while maintaining the ecological integrity of food systems.

The 4Rs concept, the 4 Requirements of Responsible Nutrient Management, is a comprehensive approach adopted by the global fertilizer industry for best fertilizer management practices.

Although it is a simple concept (apply the right source of nutrients, in the right dose, at the right time and in the right place), its implementation uses scientific and practical knowledge in an intensive and site-specific manner.

Profertil, through its Research and Development actions, supports, and promotes the generation and spreading of local knowledge for the application of the 4Rs in the nutrition of each crop and each site by the agricultural producer. It demonstrates through its Network of Tests -its own and with technical institutions- efficient practices for the reduction of nutrient losses while mitigating the environmental impact.

In this way, Profertil shows its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals to Promote Sustainable Agriculture (SDG 2) and to collaborate to Ensure water availability and sustainable management (SDG 6).