Quality, Environment, Health, Safety and Energy Management

From the perspective of sustainability, we speak of a triple balance: economic, social and environmental. All three generate a synergy that cares for people, the communities in which we operate and the planet. At Profertil we translate these actions into our daily work and into concrete decisions related to safety and the environment.

Our work is guided by international standards. We work according to the conditions set out in the ISO certifications, adhered to by the world’s leading companies, and which are revalidated every three years. They provide us with the framework to work within an integrated management system.

In 2001 we certified the quality of our processes, through the ISO 9001 standard. In 2003 we certified environmental management with ISO 14001, and occupational health and safety with OHSAS 18001.

In 2013, we certified energy efficiency, through ISO 50001, making Profertil the fourth company in the country to achieve this certification

In 2019 we obtained the Protect & Sustain certification from IFA (International Fertilizer Association). This is the highest certification to which a plant of our type can aspire, since it recognizes safety and sustainability in the integrated management of fertilizer throughout its life cycle, in collaboration with suppliers, carriers and business partners who share the same values.

In addition, since 2005 we have adhered to the Responsible Care of the Environment Program, administered by the Chamber of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries, whose compliance is audited on a biannual basis.

All our management is audited by internal processes, by the shareholder members (YPF and Nutrien) and by independent auditors.

In Profertil we systematically monitor the following indicators:

In terms of people’s safety, we work to provide a comfortable, safe and secure working environment. We carry out annual studies to detect and correct deviations. In this way, our entire team works to take care of your health and that of your colleagues. In this sense, for specific tasks that require it, fitness studies and specific training are carried out.

In agreement with the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, we train contractor personnel to prove the knowledge required for the work in our facilities.

In addition, each of the activities under the control of the company has its own process for identifying hazards and risks. We focus on routine, non-routine (plant turnaround tasks, for example), urgent and special tasks (that supervisors or EHS management may require).

The tasks we carry out are analyzed and authorized through a Work Permit System, which leads to a critical and responsible approach by all the people involved in the task, from the executor to the supervisory lines.

We generate safety procedures to work preventively, we permanently audit the work teams and we distribute internally audiovisual material that helps in the revision of detected situations

Air quality

Noise level

Gas emissions

Underground water resource

Surface water resource (Bahía Blanca estuary)

Liquid effluent quality

As we consider ourselves neighbors of the communities in which we operate, we take special care to ensure the safety of our facilities. In this way, our people, their families and the neighborhoods near our plants are also protected.

We generate protection systems in layers, with monitoring, controls and alarms that generate the first protections. At the same time, we train brigades that deal with emergency response inside the plants. We work in a network with the emergency services of the locations where we are present, to respond to any contingency. And we are part of the contingency committees of the various sites, in order to anticipate and plan the response to a possible emergency. This preventive, coordinated and active work allows us to build reliability among all the actors involved.