Digitalization is already driving a new paradigm in the fertilizer business in Argentina.

Logistics is a key aspect of the entire food production chain, which certainly includes fertilizers. Indeed, an accelerated digitalization process is underway in this industry that is enabling much more efficient management of trucks and their loads in factories, plants and ports throughout the country.

Profertil, Argentina’s leading fertilizer company, is a key player in this new paradigm, through the fertilizer module of the Muvin application, which it developed together with the Rosario Stock Exchange (BCR) and which is already being implemented throughout the country.

“This is part of a broad digitalization process that the company is undergoing and that in this case will generate great benefits for the entire fertilizer production and distribution chain”, said Mario Suffriti, commercial manager.

has already started using the app to manage its logistics operations throughout the country. Now, Argentina’s fertilizer chain will have the information it was missing to achieve a much-needed efficiency.

Carriers will know if and when they will be able to load, while dispatch centers will know which trucks will arrive and when, so they can get properly organized. Thus, there will be a great improvement in the efficiency of the whole chain, including, of course, the customers, and this will also contribute to cost management.

“Fertilizer transportation, storage and distribution involve many logistical links, which must work coordinately so that the industry can become increasingly efficient and safe”, summarized Suffriti.

The application began operating in early July at Profertil’s terminals in San Nicolás, Buenos Aires, and Puerto General San Martín, Santa Fe, but it was quickly extended. It is also expected that by the end of the year it will be operating in the five dispatch terminals that the company has in different regions of the country and with its customers.

The development of Muvin’s fertilizer module took more than a year of work by the multidisciplinary team that was formed at the company and at BCR. “We are proud of this breakthrough, which is the result of the digitalization process we are committed to, which will also be available for use by the entire industry,” the commercial manager added.

Until now, there were no tools of this type in the fertilizer sector in the country, which is key for food production. During 2020, more than 5 million tons of fertilizers were consumed in Argentina and more than half of them were nitrogen products, among which the most important is urea produced by Profertil at its plant in Bahía Blanca.

Thinking about the future, Mr. Suffriti closed by saying that “we must all be encouraged to review our processes and innovate, because technology allows us to be increasingly efficient in every step of the chain, from production to the use of our products in the field. Therefore, I am convinced that this is the only way to produce more and better food in a sustainable way”.


Watch the interview of the launching:

Profertil and the BCR launch new tool for fertilizer logistic management