Profertil has been part of the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) for almost 20 years.  In the last decade, noting the exponential growth of population and the demand for food both in quantity and quality along with the development of new technologies, the Board of IFA and its members, decided to become part of this change and work on a long-term strategic plan.  In this context, Profertil has been acting as IFA Ambassador in our country, with the mission of promoting fertilizer sustainable management. Its goals are to promote nutrient Best Management Practices (source, method, timing, and dose); to collaborate on innovation related to fertilizer use and to educate the public on the role and benefits of fertilizers for nutrition and food security.

As part of this long term strategy, the 2020 IFA HighLevel Forum (HLF) on Sustainable Plant Nutrition will be held in virtual format next Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 November 2020, and Profertil along with other companies in the fertilizer industry will be accompanying the event.

During four sessions on November 17 and 18, the IFA High Level Forum strategies will be discussed to analyze the approach of companies and a more sustainable way of food production for the next decades, as part of a vital transformation in the production approach of agri-food systems and climate change mitigation. The event brings together professionals and experts from international institutions and key companies from the agricultural, economic, and political sectors to provide ideas and share views on the development of new models.

This IFA event will be held on a virtual event platform that is already online.  This year the event is free of charge, and participants will be able to attend various lectures on sustainable plant nutrition, food security and its positive impact on human nutrition.  This is the link to the conferences and companies that made this event possible: