General Characteristics


Arnox 32 is made from pure urea for diesel engines with the function to reduce the emission of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in a post combustion treatment.

Diesel engine vehicles with SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) allow the conversion of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) into no harmless substances for the environment.

This technology meets the requirements of the Euro V standards, Euro V vehicles comes with a special tank separated from the diesel tank.

Proaire is a Profertil’s trade mark of Arnox 32.

Recommendations of use

  • Arnox 32 is not a toxic product.
  • Arnox 32 is not a dangerous product for people, nor for the environment.
  • Arnox 32 is not considered flammable, nor explosive.
  • Arnox 32 is not a fuel additive.
  • Vehicles with SCR technology are equipped with a tank to store Arnox 32.
  • Do not add Arnox 32 to the fuel tank!
  • If by mistake Arnox 32 were placed in your fuel tank, call for help before starting the engine.
  • Arnox 32 is a ready-to-use solution. Should not be diluted.
  • Arnox 32 is regulated internationally by ISO 22241, and in Argentina by Resolution 110/2011 of the Secretariat of Energy.
  • These standards regulates the technical specification, storage and handling of the product.
  • It is vital that Arnox 32 to avoid any contamination. Contaminated product could damage the vehicle’s engine.

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SENASA Registry: All Profertil S.A. Products meet the legal and valid rules and their corresponding registry at SENASA:

  • Resolution 35/2009 of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: Limits on polluting emissions, noise and parasitic radiation from motor vehicles
    DOWNLOAD Resolution 35/2009
  • Resolution 110/2011 of the Ministry of Energy. REDUCTION OF NITROGEN OXIDES. Quality standard for automotive urea solution. Selective catalysts
    DOWNLOAD Resolution 110/2011
  • Resolution 1035/2015 of the National Transport Regulation Commission. EFFECTIVE DATE
    DOWNLOAD Resolution 1035/2015