Profertil S.A. focuses its business action on providing quality products and services to the fertilizer market, in order to fully satisfy its requirements. To this end, we commit ourselves to:

  • Ensure that all the company’s activities follow responsible practices and comply with applicable laws and regulations, and other commitments made to its customers and other stakeholders, such as the voluntarily adhered Responsible Care of the Environment Program (RCPE).
  • Identify, assess and responsibly manage the risks arising from our activities and the context of the organization under criteria of prevention of damage and deterioration of health, and environmental protection, including pollution prevention and sustainable use of resources.
  • Adopt a criterion of continuous improvement in the management and establishment of relevant objectives of Quality, Environment, Health, Occupational Safety and Energy for the processes and systems existing in the organization, according to their nature and magnitude.
  • Actively seek the involvement of our employees and contractors through training and communication, providing the necessary resources to achieve the objectives and goals set.
  • Encourage the improvement of energy performance in each process and facility design, and the acquisition of energy efficient products and services.
  • Identify, assess and responsibly manage significant energy consumptions to achieve an adequate energy performance.
  • Communicate in a timely manner the risks associated with our facilities, operations and products, in order to promote attitudes of responsibility and alignment among everyone involved. This action includes, according to its specific scope, employees, customers, public officers and the community involved.
  • To act alone or in partnership with other institutions in activities to promote sustainable environmental practices, with special emphasis on agricultural production through responsible management techniques of soil and surface and underground water.