Our team

Our conviction is that we have a great responsibility in managing an economically, environmentally, and socially responsible company. It requires a high level of engagement from our people, who make the difference.

This engagement is built on a daily basis, supported by Human Resources policies and practices that encourage and recognize individual and team development.

We promote a work culture that prioritizes diversity and inclusion, so that opportunities are equal for all the people who make up Profertil.

Aiming at a challenging and rewarding employee experience, we strive to make our space a place to work where growth, good relationships and professional development are part of everyday life.

Direct employees
Indirect employees (annual average)
We work focused on the execution of initiatives framed under the following strategic axes: Organizational Development; Internal Communications; Labor Relationships; Policies and Procedures and Information Technology. They are all managed by the Human Resources Area and have a strong impact on the Climate and Engagement Management Process.
Commercial area members are responsible for positioning the nutrients our soils need, through the retail (distribution network) and wholesale channels, undertaking a commitment with the industry and the domestic market to collaborate with the nutrition of crops using our products. They always provide the support to educate and train in the correct and sustainable use of nutrients.

The production of urea and ammonia is in charge of the largest Profertil team, Industrial Operations. This area, in turn, has four task-specific focus groups: Production, Maintenance, Technical and Special Projects

People who manage the care of the environment, health and safety in all activities of the company work in the area we call “EH&S”.
We manage the relationship with the company’s external stakeholders through communication, image, public affairs and corporate social responsibility actions.
The management of economic resources and finance is the responsibility of Administration and Finances.

In Profertil, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct in all activities.
For this reason, we have developed an Integrity Program that establishes the guidelines to carry out our task according to our basic principles of action:

  • Ethics We carry out our activities with transparency, integrity, and honesty, acting consistently.
  • Respect We promote mutual respect between people and responsible care for the environment and safety.
  • Engagement We do our best to achieve the agreed objectives. Professionalism We perform our tasks applying the best knowledge and quality standards for each situation.
The members of the Strategic Planning, Strategic Supplies and Management Control area are responsible for constantly observing and analyzing the strategic lines proposed by the Company for the mid and long term.


We want working at Profertil to be a challenge, in an environment that supports this growth. For this reason, we take care of the cultural management of the organization.

We have an organizational climate management process, which allows us to obtain measurements of the factors that determine our staff’s satisfaction.

Based on these annual metrics, concrete steps are taken to progress where opportunities for improvement are identified.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are one of our management axes. We strategically plan actions to promote these aspects in the working environment.

We have developed our Diversity and Inclusion Policy to work towards a common. We set out the main aspects in our Manifesto.

In Profertil we are committed to:

  • Think in a sustainable way.
  • Provide equal opportunities for all
  • Nourish us with diverse teams
  • Promote inclusion to broaden horizons
  • Encourage respect, always
  • Use dialog as a tool
  • Reject any kind of discrimination, abuse and harassment
  • Impact on the community by being agents of social change
  • Promote gender equality
  • Work to build fairer societies

Labor relationships

We promote freedom of trade union association. 28% of our people are members of the Bahia Blanca Chemical, Petrochemical and Related Industries Personnel Union, with which we have signed a collective bargaining agreement by company, valid until December 2023.

In this agreement, the parties undertake to ensure that the workers carry out their tasks in a safe and thriving environment that respects their dignity, aspiring to ensure that their professional qualifications contribute to the processes of continuous improvement, as well as to production cost-effectiveness.


Our development process is designed to ensure that each person acquires the necessary generic and technical skills, at the required levels, to perform adequately in their current position and be prepared to access future employment opportunities within the Company.

This process is supplemented by the policy of prioritizing the filling of vacancies with internal candidates, providing real opportunities for development.
The internal turnover indicator, considering contractors, amounts to 61%.

Likewise, we create opportunities and agreements with educational organizations to detect the best talents in each specialty and thus consolidate our work team day by day.

Employee experience

The concept of “employee experience” refers to the result of the perceptions of all the actions we perform from the Company towards the employees that make it up.

As part of this management, we promote work and personal life balance through benefits designed to improve the quality of life and the climate at work.

Birthday off
Loans to Personnel
Extended breastfeeding
Soft landing for mothers
Extended paternity leave
Refund of club and gym membership
In/out band flextime
School aid
Summer flexible working time

Occupational Health and Safety

Our goal is to build and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Therefore, we carry out health care prevention, training and awareness through medical examinations, vaccination and healthy weight programs, early detection of diabetes and CPR and first aid workshops.

We also conduct an annual employee climate survey to examine, detect and correct deviations and measure workplace comfort levels.

We recognize the fact that, in order to take care of our health, it is essential to be informed. For this reason, in Profertil and as part of our prevention program, we provide our staff with information on topics of interest through online brochures for the entire family.lia.

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