In Profertil, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct in all activities. For this reason, we have developed an Integrity Program that establishes the guidelines to carry out our task according to our basic principles of action:

  • Ethics We carry out our activities with transparency, integrity, and honesty, acting consistently.
  • Respect We promote mutual respect between people and responsible care for the environment and safety.
  • Engagement We do our best to achieve the agreed objectives.
  • Professionalism We perform our tasks applying the best knowledge and quality standards for each situation.

Code of Ethical Conduct

Our Code of Ethical Conduct defines the guidelines and standards of integrity and transparency for all those who act and interact with Profertil: employees, interns, directors, suppliers, contractors, shareholders, and anyone who provides services to the Company or works on its behalf.

It regulates the principles of conduct in the workplace, the protection of the environment, the relationship with third parties and asset security, among other relevant issues.

All members of the Company adhere to the Code and have access to it. If you also wish to read it, click on the button below to download it.



The Ethical Conduct Line is a channel that allows both employees and third parties related to the Company to make inquiries or report situations and/or behaviors that could be an actual or potential violation of the Profertil Code of Ethics.

The line is managed by an external company, which ensures the security, anonymity, and confidentiality of the reports made.

0-800-999-4636 / 0-800-122-7374
Option 1: Operator
Option 2: Recorded message
Option 3: Fax

Profertil will not admit or apply any type of retaliation against the person who makes a good faith report.

There is a “conflict of interest” when the individual interests of the members of the Company interfere or come into conflict in some way (or even appear to interfere) with the interests of Profertil.

To avoid these situations, we limit the acceptance and giving of gifts and select our suppliers on the basis of competitive and transparent procedures.
Likewise, the members of the Company must inform if they have any position, relationship or investment in companies or entities related to Profertil.

In Profertil, we promote a business culture open to diversity, where the differences and abilities of each individual are valued and where equal treatment of people prevails regardless of gender, own beliefs, sexual choices, age and other personal characteristics.

For this reason, we designed a Diversity and Inclusion Policy that contains guidelines on how we should act in our Company, the commitments of the leaders to create and promote a diverse and inclusive environment, a guide to expected behavior and an analysis of the benefits of reconciling work and private life.

Profertil is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical and legal conduct in all its activities, so its third parties have a duty to adhere to the principles and values that derive from the Company’s Code of Ethical Conduct.

Consequently, we have written the “Code of Ethical Conduct for Third Parties” and the “Integrity Policy for Third Parties”, which contain the values and principles that allow us to maintain transparent business relationships, while expressing the Company’s expectations regarding the ethical conduct of third parties within the framework of its contractual relationship with Profertil.

These policies apply to our contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, associated persons, commercial intermediaries, non-commercial representatives, consultants, business partners or anyone providing services for or on behalf of the Company.

We invite you to learn about the Code and Policies and to access related statements:
Code of Ethics for Third Parties
Statement of Adherence to the Code of Ethical Conduct for Third Parties
Integrity Policy for Third Parties
Declaration of Conflict of Interest for Third Parties
Ownership and Responsibility Policy

Our business is conducted in a framework of honest partnerships with employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, the local and international community, and other stakeholders, based on integrity, cooperation, transparency, and mutual value contribution.

Consequently, we have policies, activities and controls for the prevention, detection and response to incidents involving bribery and/or fraud, including training, risk assessment and internal audits, among others.

Profertil is an organization that does not tolerate any act of bribery or fraud by its employees or other associates. Therefore, serious measures will be taken immediately against anyone who attempts to commit fraud or bribery.

It is important for Profertil to achieve adequate training in money laundering prevention, especially for those responsible for identifying and controlling operations that could be considered suspicious.

To this end, we have a procedure for identifying suspicious activities and the best knowledge of customers, suppliers and financial institutions with which we operate, while promoting the development of Internal Audit routines.

The Ethical Conduct Line is a communication channel for Profertil’s members and third parties to report any irregularity or situation that violates the provisions of our Code of Ethical Conduct.

The line is managed by an external company, which guarantees the security, anonymity and confidentiality of the reports made.

TOLL FREE 0-800-999-4636 / 0-800-122-7374
Option 1: Operator
Option 2: Recorded message
Option 3: Fax



Profertil does not admit or apply any kind of retaliation against the person making a report in good faith.